Dr. Stephen Galloza, MA, PhD, is a seasoned clinical counselor ready to walk beside you as a compassionate guide. Dr. Galloza is a professionally trained and experienced psychotherapist. Dr. Stephen Galloza is a Registered Mental Health Counselor in the State of Florida. He is an EMDRIA approved EMDR therapist that offers a solution-focused approach that is calming, discerning, and deepens the transformational journey. Using eclectic models, we will look at habits and influences that unlock self-awareness which allows one to live a more meaningful and authentic life.

Deeper Journey Counseling & Coaching is a clinical practice that integrates both psychological and spiritual concepts into its framework, it is not unlike other modes of therapy when it comes to the therapeutic process. What sets it apart is the way of faith, spirituality, and Christian theology that are incorporated into the model of practice. This incorporation of spiritual exploration and support can foster wholeness, healing, and growth in those who are seeking help.

Dr. Galloza’s education is in the field of clinical counseling and pastoral counseling. He received a Doctorate in Pastoral Counseling from The Evangelical Episcopal University and Theological Seminary; a Master’s degree from Liberty University in Professional Counseling; and a Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Mental Health from Johns Hopkins University. His Bachelor’s degree is in Counseling Psychology from Regent University.


We will help you in creating a personalized coaching plan that accelerates your journey towards achieving your life vision. 

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EMDR for P.E.A.K Performance 

One of the most interesting and innovative uses of EMDR has been decreasing fear, stress, and anxiety related to performance. EMDR helps the brain to think in a healthier, more adaptive way by removing blocks (such as negative self-beliefs) and helping the person to tap into his or her inner strengths. 

Ways that P.E.A.K Performance can help:

  • Prepare for presentations, interviews, auditions, public speaking and reduce stage fright
  • Boost your confidence and reduce stress levels during competitions and performances
  • Manage anticipatory anxiety
  • Increase your stress management skills and to regulate your emotions
  • Improve inconsistent performance
  • Boost confidence about yourself and your abilities
  • Accept and adapt to difficult organizational changes


EMDR acts directly on the nervous system by clearing the blocks and obstacles that prevent you from being your best as it removes traces of difficult earlier life situations or traumatic experiences. EMDR can enhance physiological sensations, and install visualizations of success in a variety of life situations.

The Boost You Need Backed By Science

In addition, EMDR for Performance Enhancement can reduce anticipatory or performance anxiety, fear of failure, procrastination, setbacks and improve life transitions and boost confidence. The person can then accomplish a task successfully without being influenced by past negative events, beliefs or physiological responses.

Who is PEAK Performance Life Coaching for?

Leaders who strive to improve their performance and set higher goals for themselves. Driven-purpose people who want to feel more confident and reduce anticipatory anxiety before performing or completing a task.

  • Business Executives & Managers
  • Doctors and other Medical Professionals
  • Pastors or Faith Leaders
  • Performance Artists
  • Professional Athletes
  • Social Media Influencers

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Your tailor made coaching journey will holistically help you increase self-awareness, change patterns of thinking and change internal frameworks that influence behavior and foster sustainable change. Our highly applied action learning model uses real-time challenges in your life to learn the specific systemic context in which they operate. Our coaching process will teach you to become a reflective practitioner, stepping outside the pressures of everyday life and looking at your life with fresh eyes.